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Success Stories


At the age of 23, after learning that my cancer was back, I was told that I would have to undergo a stem cell transplant, which would most likely leave me infertile. Coming from a large Italian family where family is everything, I was devastated by the news that I may not be able to have children, something I so desperately wanted. However, thanks to Dr. Oktay, my hope was restored, and now my husband and I have a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Giuliana Hope is truly a miracle, and seeing her smile everyday makes it all worth it!
- Rosaria, an ovarian transplant patient

Dr. Oktay aside from being a rock star, the dude is brilliant and, what can we say, we owe him huger than huge....were it not for his persistence we might not have a 4 month old son today. He and his staff are amazing....if you're having fertility issues this is your guy, full stop.
- Nathan, Manhattan, New York

I wanted to share the good news with you, Dr. Oktay, and the rest of the staff that our son was born … totally healthy.

My husband and I would not have our miracle baby if it wasn't for all of you, and we are unbelievably and eternally grateful for the help you all provided in getting us to this amazing place. As I close in on the three-year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis, it is awe-inspiring to reflect on just how much has changed in a relatively short period of time.

So thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
- Deborah, age 40, Baltimore, Maryland

Dr. Oktay, Thank you for believing in me and helping me beat the odds. Thank you for blessing us with a miracle. We are honored and happy that you are our doctor.
- Mary, age 45, and Mark, Austin, Texas

We are indebted to Oktay team for making it possible for us to have a miracle pregnancy. We spanned the entire world to find you and are so happy that we did. Thank you!
- Jane and Jim, Australia

A beautiful daughter and now twins thanks to fertility preservation
- Heidi and Brandon

Dr. Oktay's fertility treatment not only protected my wife from dangerous hormones after breast cancer, but provided us with a beautiful daughter and now twins! We owe so much to him and his research. Other fertility centers will minimize the effects of hormones on your cancer, and they will never bring up this option because they don't offer it themselves. Take control and do the research because it's your health and your family.
- Brandon

Three children after surviving breast cancer at age 38
- Lesley, age 43

I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 38 years old. The treatments prescribed to save my life, ironically, also included the potential to damage my reproductive capacities. Before undergoing the cancer treatments, I worked with Dr. Kutluk Oktay to develop a fertility preservation plan that included harvesting and freezing my own eggs. Today, I am in recovery from the breast cancer, and I am also the mother of one with two more babies on the way. I am using my own eggs that were harvested before my cancer treatments. I have my family today because I took the time to preserve my fertility options while I had the chance.
- Debbie, age 33

I was diagnosed with cancer before we got engaged. They said my cancer treatment could compromise my chance to have a family. So at my doctor's strong recommendation, I had a cryopreservation procedure before the cancer treatments. Frankly, at the time I was so focused on the cancer diagnosis that I really couldn't think about anything else. However, miraculously, I did survive the cancer, and thanks to freezing my eggs, I'm now the mother of an amazing infant, I can't believe how lucky I am.

My doctor saved my life and my future
- Brenda, age 25

When I got sick, my OB/GYN made it a point to discuss the potential impact the cancer treatments might have on my fertility. At the time I didn't have the emotional energy to worry about more than just getting myself through it. But I did agree to have some eggs cryopreserved, and now I am so very grateful. I did recover and now I am planning to use my own eggs to rebuild my life.
- Anonymous

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