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Reproductive Surgery


Endoscopic Reproductive Surgery

Cutting Edge Minimally Invasive Reproductive Surgery

Dr. Oktay is an accomplished laparoscopic and robotic surgeon. He has performed the first laparoscopic and robotic ovarian transplants in the world. Robotic surgery enables surgeons to perform procedures that would normally require open surgery and hospitalization with a key hole technique. In nearly all cases patients are able to go home the day of surgery and can return to work within matter of days. Robotic surgery provides precision and represents the cutting edge in infertility surgery. Professor Oktay performs following procedures laparoscopically or via robotocially assisted laparoscopic surgery depending on individual circumstances:

Ovarian Transplantation

Fertility Sparing Cystectomy and Endometrioma Removal

Tubal Surgery including Reversal of Sterilization


Hysteroscopic Surgery

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