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Post-mortem Emergency Fertility Preservation


Sometimes, unexpected events happen and loved ones are lost to accidents or sudden illness. In such instances, egg, ovarian tissue, testicular tissue or sperm harvesting can be considered depending on the circumstances. The recovered genetic material is then frozen with a specialized process for future use. The most ideal situation is if we can harvest genetic material before the heart activity and circulation stops. This is especially more critical with ovarian tissue and egg freezing. In the case of males, viable sperm can be obtained 24-36 hours after circulation stops, especially the body is kept under cold conditions. Sometimes applying ice packs on the scrotum while waiting for the harvesting may also be beneficial.

Legal Implications: Varying from State to State, within municipalities in each State, and depending on the medical institution where the body is located, legal requirements may vary. However a court order is required in the majority of the cases to establish custody and to authorize sample collection prior to harvesting. A later court decision may be required before tissue banks can release samples to be used for procreation. Because time is of the essence in post-mortem genetic material recovery for freezing, we can put you in touch with experienced council who can facilitate this process for you.

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