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Minimal Stimulation and Natural Cycle Protocols


While ovulation induction ensures a larger selection of eggs and embryos, the fertility medications can be costly. Some may prefer less involved treatment protocols or fewer visits to the office for cost or time-saving reasons. In other cases, ovarian stimulation may not be desirable because of medical conditions. In these and other instances “gentler” ovarian stimulation protocols can be performed. Sometimes, ovarian stimulation can be completely avoided by just monitoring a natural cycle. While these approaches reduce the yield of eggs, they may have advantages in your case. Egg retrievals for these minimal stimulation or natural cycle IVF approaches are typically performed under local anesthesia which is patient-friendly and avoids anesthesia associated costs. You also get to experience your egg retrieval with your own eyes. With our individualized approach we can determine whether minimal stimulation or natural cycle-IVF is the right treatment for you.

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