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When ovarian egg reserve is depleted, extremely low or diminished egg quality does not allow viable pregnancies anymore, or ovaries had been removed, pregnancy is still possible with the use of donated eggs from anonymous or directed donors. If you have a healthy uterus, with the aid of hormone support pregnancies can be achieved without any ovarian function or the presence of ovaries. As a matter of fact uterus hardly ages at all before the age of 60 and donor egg pregnancy rates are steady up until the ages of 55. While in general it is preferred to complete a pregnancy by age 51-52, after careful screening, this can be extended to age 55.

Donors go through a very vigorous screening process including psychological, physical, genetic and infectious disease examination. Many agencies allow you to see the pictures of the anonymous donors and many characteristics are matched to your liking.

Donor egg live birth rates are the highest in IVF because of the use of young healthy donors. Our current donor egg success rates exceed 60% per transfer.

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