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Educational Videos


Educational videos provided to communicate the mission, strategies, and possibilities of fertility preservation and infertility treatments.

Institute for Fertility Preservation - video index

By expert: Kutluk Oktay, MD

Video Topic (min:sec)

ASCO Recommendations for Fertility Preservation (0:46)

Cancer Treatment and Gonadal Failure (1:17)

Impact of Chemotherapy on Ovarian Reserve (5:19)

Fertility Preservation for Non-Cancer Conditions (2:32)

Fertility Preservation Strategies - Embryo and Oocyte Freezing (10:25)

BRCA Mutations and Fertility (2:33)

Pregnancy Outcomes and Safety of IVF with Letrozole Protocol (2:19)

Pregnancy after Breast Cancer (3:20)

Fertility Preservation in Patients with Endometrial Cancer (1:13)

Oocyte Cryopreservation (5:14)

Fertility Preservation in Children (4:54)

Ovarian Tissue Freezing to Preserve Fertility (2:39)

Ovarian Tissue Transplantation (6:19)

Current State of Fertility Preservation (76:14)

Robotic Ovarian Transplant (9:59)

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