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Egg Freezing Success Rate Calculator


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Which Formula Should I Use?

Age range at freezing: 21-45

Use Livebirth from Thawed Oocyte if you are simply looking at how many eggs to freeze for future use. If you have already frozen eggs, you can also use this formula to decide how many of those eggs to thaw to attempt IVF.

Please Note: the number range for frozen-thawed eggs to be injected can be between 1 and 32.

If you have already frozen eggs and wish to have more precise information on success rates use Livebirth from Injected Oocyte.

Please Note: the number range for frozen eggs to be thawed can be between 1 and 18.

If your eggs have been frozen, thawed and injected and became embryos, and you are trying to decide on the number of embryos to be transferred, use Livebirth from Embryos.

Please Note: the number range for embryos to be transferred can be between 1 and 5. 


DISCLAIMER: The Egg Freezing Success (Livebirth) Probability Estimator provides an estimate only and is provided for general information purposes. It does not constitute a medical advice. Because each individual will have different sets of circumstances, a medical decision cannot be rendered without a thorough medical evaluation. If an individual clinic has success rates specific to their laboratory, you should use that information as a basis of your decision. Our estimators are provided to give you some guidance with your decision and are based on pooling of patient data from clinics around the world as published by Dr. Oktay’s team in the medical journal of Fertility Sterility on May 28, 2013. (Click here to read article).

Our estimators are not recommended for values outside the specified ranges and the estimator will not return a value.

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