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Embryo Freezing


Embryo freezing is the most established method of fertility preservation. However, when it comes to patients with underlying medical problems such as cancer or other hormonally sensitive conditions, it is no longer straightforward. During nearly two decades of research at Innovation Fertility, Dr. Oktay developed specific ovarian stimulation protocols to safely preserve your fertility via embryo cryopreservation. These include low estrogen exposure protocols that utilize letrozole or tamoxifen, in vitro maturation, utility of low dose stimulation, more natural trigger methods with the use of GnRH analogs, close monitoring, and others. Upon request, embryos are also screened for numeric chromosomal abnormalities (aneuploidy) so that your mind is at piece, knowing that those frozen embryos will give you a high chance of success in the future. If your carry a genetic condition such as the BRCA mutations, your embryos can also be tested simultaneously. Dr. Oktay, the Medical Director of Innovation Fertility, is the world’s leading expert in fertility preservation. If you are in need for embryo freezing for medical indications, ask for a consultation.

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