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Fertility Preservation

Fertility Preservation (FP) is a new field in medicine developed with the purpose of helping women, men and children overcome the complications of infertility associated with chemo and radiation therapy. In addition, patients with non-cancerous conditions (such as ovarian cysts, family history of early menopause, lupus, and Turner's Syndrome, Galactosemia) can benefit from FP treatments.

IFP's expert team utilizes established and experimental procedures including egg and embryo freezing, ovarian stimulation techniques for breast and endometrial cancer patients, ovarian tissue harvesting, freezing and transplantation, laparoscopic ovarian transposition, and testicular freezing. IFP is led by Medical Director Kutluk Oktay, MD, a pioneer in fertility preservation who remains engaged in innovative research to find ways to preserve human fertility. To learn more about IFP and its innovative approaches to fertility preservation, please call 1-877-49-BEMOM, fax 480-247-5858, or review our videos.

Fertility Preservation in Children

Chemotherapy treatments and other conditions such as Turner's and galactosemia can threaten the future fertility of children.
At IFP, we offer innovative gamete and tissue freezing procedures to all ages of male and female children.

Testicular Tissue Freezing

While mature men can preserve fertility by sperm freezing, the only option in male children is testicular tissue freezing.
At IFP, we offer this experimental option for children undergoing chemotherapy.

Breast Cancer and IVF

Eggs are harvested for safekeeping in advance of cancer treatments, and reimplanted in an IVF procedure when the patient's cancer is in remission.
We developed innovative strategies to keep estrogen levels low during ovarian stimulation to collect eggs so that cancer recurrence is not increased.

Egg Freezing

Oocyte freezing has come a long way. Our research shows that current success rates have approached to that of standard IVF procedures.
When fertility is under threat in single women and adolescents, this is a useful strategy to preserve fertility.

Ovarian Cryopreservation

This technique does not require ovarian stimulation and can be performed in children and adults with short notice.
IFP's experience is unmatched, as Dr Oktay performed the first procedures in the world. 

World’s Most Comprehensive Fertility Preservation Services from a Pioneer

Dr. Oktay invented many new approaches to fertility preservation. We offer the most comprehensive and cutting edge techniques in fertility preservation from newborn to all ages of women in reproductive years:

Dr. Oktay

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